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Great Nation company since 1986.

Sales center is in Shanghai.

Two factories: Anhui Great Nation Essential OilsCo., Ltd.

                             Anhui Ruibang Aroma Chemicas Co., Ltd.


Anhui Great Nation Essential Oils Co., Ltd. Located in Fu Yang city which is the largest plantation region for mentha in Anhui Province, China. With location advantage, with annual processing capability of 2000MTS Menthol Crystals, 1200MTS Peppermint Oil, 300MTS Spearmint oil,300MTS Citionella oil, and 1000MTS   Eucalyptus oil of the products are exported to EUR, Unite States, Southeast Asia,  Asian market, Middle East, and some globe clients, enjoying popularities of customers.

Anhui Ruibang Aroma Chemicas Co., Ltd is awholly-owned subsidiaries of Anhui Great Nation. Established in 2013 have 1000mts capacity for MUSK AHMT (Tonalid).


Great Nation company equipped with a staff of high qualification, most advanced equipmentand a laboratory of the first class, our factory has got ISO9001:2000、ISO22000、FSSC2200、 HACCP、KOSHER、HALAL、MUI-HALAL and other certificates.

We have great connect with USTC (University of Scienceand Technology of China) and will sure of ourself to develop more aroma chemicals.

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